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Customer Service Portal

Setting up an account

Setting up an acoount to access the Blue Prairie CloudStreet Portal website is very simple and only takes a few steps.

On the left side of the Home page you will see a Login Form that allows you to login once you have created an CloudStreet Portal account.

login form

Underneath the Login Form, you will see three links:

  • Forgot your password? This options allows you to choose a new password for your account in the event that you have lost of forgotten your password. You can set up a new password simply by entering your email address into the box given. An email should be sent to you, and will give instructions on resetting your password. To get help setting up a new account password, see How do I reset my password?
  • Forgot your username? When you click on this link, you will be prompted to enter your email address. An email will be sent to you that reminds you of your username.
  • Create an account By clicking this link, you will be sent to User Registration page.

User registration box

Complete and submit the form, and you will be registered with a new CloudStreet Portal account.